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Digital Radio is the largest voice over fulfillment service in the world. With over 100,000 voice actors that speak 50+ languages and dialects, you can hire a professional voice actor faster and more affordably than ever before. You can get voiceovers for ads, movies, narrations, podcasts, presentations, audio books, audio guides, and video games. We promise you’ll love your voiceover: you get unlimited revisions and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Join the thousands of professionals that use Digital Radio exclusively for their voice over fulfillment.

To be competitive in the actual market, Publishers need to develop digital strategies that identify and involve their audiences. The digital audio inventory is a very valuable asset to Publishers that seek to develop innovative and attractive experiences for users and advertisers.

Our Vision

In a world with multiple channels, Publishers must adapt to the natural evolution of the consumption of content. As digital radio audiences grow, traditional radios' audiences remain flat.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help traditional radios to maximize the value of their digital audio inventory, and improve the knowledge they have about their audience.

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We are the region's first digital audio advertising solutions company, reaching more than 55 million people that consume radio and online music content every day.

Digitalradio connects brands with consumers through the power of digital audio.

Why Online Streaming?

Our goal is to provide local businesses with an opportunity to promote their products and services to prospective customers using audio ads that run online - called streaming audio ads.

Runing a streaming audio Compign with Digital with Digital Radio will help you reach thousands of listeners at a fraction of the cost of traditional radio, or other forms of media.

Local Businesses Love Us

Advertising for Any Budget

Digital Radio offers scalable packages to fit local business needs. To determine the cost of your campaign, choose the size of your listening audience, and then your preferred ad type.

Your Listening Audience

The approximate number of impressions (listeners who will hear your ad) is determined by which package you choose.


5,000 *



per month


10,000 *



per month


25,000 *



per month


50,000 *



per month

Building Your Ad

We have a library over 2,000 pre-recorded audio ads that are relevant to most businesses. Choose Basic, Pro, or Custom depending on how much you'd like to personalize your ad, or upload an existing as if you'd already created one.

Create Your New Digital Radio Ad


Choose a prerecorded ad from our extensive inventory and we will personalize it with your business name, website, and phone number.



Have more to say? Select a prerecorded ad and personalize it with approximately 10 seconds of your own text.



Get a unique ad, written just for you by the pros. Fill out a simple questionnaire, and we’ll do the rest.



Create you new digital Radio Ad

You will be prompted to upload your audio file for our review after your order is placed. It must be no larger than 10 MB, exactly 30 seconds in duration and in .mp3 format.


Our Blog

Coverage and sales force in the region

With offices in India, Australia, Brazil Canada, Chile, Japan, France, Greece Miami, México, Argentina, Colombia, Brasil, Venezuela, Peru, Chile and Uruguay, we have more than 40 salesmen specialized in the Digital Industry with excellent relationships with the most important advertisers and agencies in the region.
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Revenue Maximization

Our platform makes it simple to drive revenue, expand listenership and extend content from linear. Manage and monetize digital audio streams. Streamline your operations and maximize revenue in one comprehensive platform. directly to Triton's audio ad network, audio ad exchange, and third-party buying platforms
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Audience Analytics and Supply Intelligence
AudioMetrix is a SaaS based audience analytics platform for digital audio publishers. It combines the power of real-time data and historical metrics -demo, location, time of the day, audio genre- to help drive publisher content and revenue strategies.
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